Workplace Shelving Bays - 1800mm high x 1000mm wide - 5 Levels


Our budget workplace shelving bays are a cost effective storage solution for businesses, warehouse, offices or individuals as a garage shelving solution. With capacities of up to 175kgs UDL you can storage large quantities of goods and access any product on each shelving level. And all quick to install with a unique boltless design (just a rubber mallet needed)! It is the ideal shelving solution for any workplace or home environment.


  • Width: 1000mm
  • Height: 1800mm
  • Depth: 400mm or 600mm
  • Freestanding starter bays (no extension bays needed) 
  • 175kgs UDL per shelf
  • Sturdy boltless design – NO nuts or bolts required!
  • Strength and stiffness at its core
  • Height between 5 shelves is adjustable

How do I configure my budget workplace shelving?

Utilising a simple boltless design, the workplace shelving bays can be configured as you wish. Individual free standing bays around your warehouse or continual run in your office stores. There are no starter or extension bays, so just buy as many bays as you need.

The bays come complete with five MDF shelves that can be positioned almost anywhere. Just ensure you have one on the top and bottom.

What can I use the workplace shelving for?

The budget workplace shelving can be used to store any product or box on the shelves which have a capacity of up to 175kgs UDL. So whether it is for archive box storage, spare machinery parts or plastic totes, this warehouse and workplace shelving will be suitable.

You can actually store:

  • Two archive boxes side by side per shelf (total 10 box capacity)
  • Four boxes of A4 paper side by side per shelf (total 20 box capacity)
  • Eight or more magazine file cardboard boxes (up to 40 box capacity)

Or you can store a combination of the above or just about anything on our workplace shelving!

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