Pallet Racking Bay Kits

Pallet racking two bay kits are a storage system suitable for industrial, warehouse and factory environments where pallets need to be stored. Suitable for storing various pallet sizes and even boxes with the addition of timber decking more!

Available in a range of sizes from 1350mm to 2700mm wide, 3000mm (2 levels) to 4000mm high (3 levels) and 900mm or 1100mm deep. All bays come complete with all you need to install plus beams with capacity up to 2000kgs UDL per level.

Delivered within 3 - 5 working days, the frames come pre-assembled for quick installation.

Important Information

We do not recommend bays with only 1 beam level or as a single bay.

Ensuring your pallet racking system is installed correctly is very important. Only professional, qualified installers should perform the installation of your racking to ensure a safe working environment.

If you require any assistance understanding what you need to purchase to achieve your pallet racking requirements, don't hesitate to give us a call.