• Each kit contains 3 x 134mm high guards (2 yellow & 1 black)
  • Overall Height: 402mm
  • Free Shipping
  • No fixings required
  • Install by hand in seconds
  • Zero floor damage
  • Works in -40 degrees environments
  • FEM 10.2.02 compliant
  • Fits most pallet racking makes

Which size Protect-It column guard do I need?

Use the table or alternatively measure your pallet racking post using the instructions below to find the correct Protect-It size.

Protect-It 3M 

Protect-It 4C

Post Width
(Dimension X)
70 - 90mm 95 - 127mm
Post Depth
(Dimension Y)
32 - 43mm 85 - 50mm

Manufacturer Fitting

Apex Linvar

Dexion Speedlock MK3

Dexion P90

Link 51

HiLo Premierack

SSI Schaefer

PSS Stronglock

AR Racking


Dexion P100

  1. Measure the width of the front face of your pallet racking post/upright to give your dimension X
  2. Measure the depth of your pallet racking post/upright to give your dimension Y
  3. If you have a question contact us and we can help!
Protect-It column guard measurement

What are Protect-It Column Guards?

The  Protect-It™ column guard is intelligently designed using thermoplastic materials to provide shock absorbent impact protection for pallet racking. Capable of handling the typical knocks as well as heavier collisions that can take place when using forklift trucks. 

  • For low to medium force collisions the exterior bends in to absorb the impact and then bounces back to its original form 
  • For higher force collisions the exterior will bend in more and make contact with the energy absorbers to further lessen the impact 
  • Passes FEM 10.2.02 frontal impact test 

Quick and simple to install or replace on uprights as no additional fixings are needed, the Protect-It column guard will safely grip the required column and is effective in temperatures as low as -40 degrees. 

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