Industrial Shelving - Shelf Dividers


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Add to your existing  Dexion Hi280 industrial short span shelving bays with these part height dividers. At 140mm high they can be used to sub-divide products on your industrial shelving system, organizing and optimising your warehouse.

How do I configure my Industrial Shelving Shelf Dividers?

You can put as many dividers on your shelving system as you would like, providing there are enough pre-punched holes in the shelf and you can fit your products in between. Just ensure you choose the right depth for your shelving system.


  • Height: 140mm (other sizes available including full height)
  • Depth: 450mm, 500mm, 600mm
  • No nuts or bolts; just clip into place

    What can I use Shelf Dividers for?

    The primary use for the industrial shelving shelf dividers is separate your products from each other, so you can use each shelf for a different SKU or product type. Combined with labels, you can create multiple pick locations within your industrial shelving system.

    A cost effective and efficient way to organise your warehouse!

    * UDL = Uniformly Distributed Load

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