Longspan Shelving Bays - 1850mm wide - 3 Levels


Heavy duty longspan shelving is an industrial, warehouse or factory shelving system suitable for storing heavier goods and expanding your storage capacity, offering great flexibility to store products such as boxes, totes, cartons or anything!

How do I configure my Longspan Shelving?

You can create a continuous run of shelving by adding an Extension Bay to a Starter Bay. So, start with a Starter and add Extension bays.

If you want to create a shelving system consisting of 3 bays in length, you'll need one Starter and 2 Extensions bays:

2 Bays = 1 Starter, 1 Extension
3 Bays = 1 Starter, 2 Extension
4 Bays = 1 Starter, 3 Extension
And so on...

Your first shelf level can be installed up high to allow pallet storage on the ground floor (NOTE you cannot store pallets on the shelving and we recommend bolting to the floor if you intend to store pallets on the floor). Each shelf level can be adjusted at 50mm level increments with the maximum height to first beam level, giving you ultimate flexibility.


  • Width: 1850 (overall left to right 2015mm for a starter bay)
  • Height: 2000mm or 2500mm
  • Depth: 600mm or 900mm
  • Starter or extension bays available
  • Each level can hold up 320kgs UDL*
  • Frames supplied assembled
  • Includes 18mm chipboard shelves and supports
  • Each bay can hold up to 7000kgs 
  • Arrange shelves at 50mm height increments
  • Powder coated finish to beams and posts
  • Additional shelves available

What can I use Longspan Shelving for?

Longspan shelving can be used in any industrial, warehouse, factory or garage environment, for the storage of just about anything. From boxes, to BDCM1 boxes, totes, archive storage, machinery parts or even fabric. Just ensure your total load on each shelf does not exceed the specified UDL.

If you intend to store fluids, you may wish to consider specifying steel decks as opposed to the standard chipboard decks. Contact us for a quote to change to steel decks

* UDL = Uniformly Distributed Load

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