Social Distance Stencil Kits


•  Easy to use social distance floor stencils

•  Choose from 4 stencil kits

•  Each stencil is 400mm x 500mm overall

•  Reusable and long lasting

•  Cost-effective way to practice social distancing

•  Easily measure out 2 metres with the flexible social distance rule

•  3 different paint colours - red, yellow, white

•  Ideal for external areas

Highly visible floor stencil kits to easily and clearly highlight social distancing in external areas. Help keep people two metres apart in outside public queues and workplaces. 

Each kit is available with 1 stencil, 1 ruler, 2 cans of paint and a hand held applicator. Choose from 4 different stencils and 3 different paint colours - red, yellow or white. Dimensions of the stencils are 400mm x 500mm overall.

Ideal for outside retailers, supermarkets, post offices, banks, pharmacies, public parks, bus stops and many more...

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