Social Distancing Floor Marking


Benefits and Features:

  • Industrial strength social distancing floor markers

  • Designed to highlight and encourage social distancing and queue lines

  • Tough and durable – made to withstand busy industrial and commercial environments

  • Aggressive, permanent adhesive

  • Once stuck down, they stay down!

  • Slip resistant

  • Trip resistant

  • Long lasting – you only need to buy it once!

  • Cost-effective

  • Clearly highlights hazards and warnings to prevent accidents

  • Created to help industries comply with the Covid-19 regulations


Help people to stay safe – and keep two metres apart in public queues and workplaces with our  premium quality social distancing floor markers designed to help combat the spread of Coronavirus.

Our range of floor markers are the long-term solution and not just a quick fix to encourage social distancing. These industrial quality, anti-slip floor products are ideal for highlighting and marking out pedestrian routes and compliant safe queuing. 

They will stand the test of time as they are highly durable with a strong aggressive adhesive to stop them peeling or lifting. Even in high traffic areas, once stuck down, they will stay down which reduces trip hazards. 

The social distance floor markers are premium quality with an anti-slip laminate surface that has been tested to R9 standard. Designed to encourage social distancing and to create ‘wait behind this line’ instructions. 

Each of these 235mm wide highly visible floor signs are printed onto the underside of a clear PVC film and then laminated on the back surface with an aggressive permanent adhesive. Suitable for use on dry, flat, clean surfaces



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