Short Span Industrial Shelving Bays - 1290mm wide - 5 Levels - Open


Industrial short span shelving is a commercial, warehouse or factory shelving system suitable for storing light goods and small products, helping you to expand your storage capacity, offering great flexibility to store products such as small parts, components, boxes, totes, cartons or anything!

How do I configure my Industrial Shelving?

You can create a continuous run of shelving by adding an Extension Bay to a Starter Bay. So, start with a Starter and add Extension bays.

If you want to create an industrial shelving system consisting of 3 bays in length, you'll need one Starter and 2 Extensions bays:

2 Bays = 1 Starter, 1 Extension
3 Bays = 1 Starter, 2 Extension
4 Bays = 1 Starter, 3 Extension
And so on...


  • Width: 1290mm (overall left to right 1340mm for a starter bay)
  • Height: 2100mm or 2500mm (3000mm available, price on request)
  • Depth: 400mm, 500mm or 600mm (450mm available, price on request)
  • Starter or extension bays available
  • Each level can hold up 85kgs UDL*
  • End frames supplied assembled
  • 5 adjustable height beams with steel shelves that clip into place
  • Extension bays supplied with 1 x pre-assembled end frame and 5 beams with steel shelves can be added

Industrial Shelving Features:

  • No nuts or bolts - quick and simple boltless construction!
  • Manufactured from pre-galvanised steel for strength and durability
  • Passes DNV GL conductivity test
  • Suitable for Electrical Sensitive Devices (bays should be grounded and anti-static packaging used)
  • Huge range of accessories including dividers, additional shelves and back-cladding sets
  • Can be installed as narrow aisle, mobile or multi-tier shelving systems; contact us for assistance.

What can I use Industrial Shelving for?

Industrial short span shelving can be used in any commercial, warehouse, factory or garage environment, for the storage of just about anything. From boxes, to BDCM1 boxes, totes, archive storage or machinery parts and components. Just ensure your total load on each shelf does not exceed the specified UDL.

It is suitable for storing fluids due to the steel decking! 

* UDL = Uniformly Distributed Load

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