Pallet Racking Bay Kits - Spare Beams


Please note these beams are only compatible with our Pallet Racking Bay Kits.

Our pallet racking spare beams are suitable for adding more beam or shelf levels to your existing pallet racking bay kits, whether they are already installed or you are about to order.

Supplied as a single beam, not as a pair therefore to create one more shelf level, you will need to purchase two beams.

The beams are manufactured from European-sourced steel to BSEN ISO9001 quality standards, FEM compliant, tested by TuV to European standards and conforming to all relevant safety regulations.

It is important that you do not exceed the maximum bay load of your pallet racking bays.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the purchase and installation of your pallet racking spare beams please contact us immediately before purchasing for free advice and support.


  • Beam Clear Entry Width: 1350mm or 2700mm
  • Additional frames or beams available
  • 1350mm UDL*: 1000kgs
  • 2700mm UDL*: 2000kgs
  • Supplied as one beam, not a pair
  • M11051 (2700mm wide)
  • M06051 (1350mm wide)

How do I install my Pallet Racking Spare Beams?

Ensuring your pallet racking system is installed correctly is very important. Only professional, qualified installers should perform the installation of your racking to ensure a safe working environment. We can provide a quotation upon request.

* UDL = Uniformly Distributed Load